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SGD Tofu House (Santa Clara)
3450 El Camino Real #150, Santa Clara, CA 95051
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SGD Tofu House (Santa Clara)

3450 El Camino Real #150, Santa Clara, CA 95051

Food lovers absolutely love adore Korean cuisine! Korean dishes are hearty, spicy, healthy and delicious. These dishes combine the mild, subtle flavors of noodles, rice and tofu with the fiery spices found in kimchi, BBQ and other Korean specialties. Korean chefs use plenty of vegetables and seafood, but we have distinctive ways of preparing beef and other meats as well. Here at SGD Tofu House, we focus on soft tofu and the hundreds of ways it can be served, particularly in soups. But we offer a great selection of other traditional, authentic Korean dishes as well. If you haven't experienced Korean cooking before, come to SGD Tofu House and discover a great new world of flavor. If you love Korean food already, you'll adore our special take on your old favorites!

If you choose to start your meal with one of our light and varied appetizers, you'll have plenty to share. Our Seafood Pancake is a customer favorite: it's crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, packed with colorful veggies and seafood. Of course, the center of our menu belongs to our soft tofu soup selections. You can choose from our basic Soft Tofu, or try it with Kimchi, Fish Eggs, BBQ, Octopus and many more. All are hot and satisfying and our portions are always generous!

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Bibimbap is another beloved Korean dish we take pride in serving. This is considered a Korean comfort food, with a base of rice topped with a variety of veggies, pickles, egg and beef. Like our other main dishes, it comes with a number of banchan, or side dishes and relishes, each in its own bowl. Korean BBQ is a source of national pride. At SGD Tofu House, we serve BBQ Beef, Chicken, Pork and Spare Ribs. Our sauce is tangy and sweet, and you'll soon find yourself craving it.

Stop by SGD Tofu House and we'll make sure you'll want to come again – and again!

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